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Our Mission

The SBR Mission Statement

The mission of SBR is to provide individualized supports that reflect respect, caring and knowledge to individuals with disabilities and their families.

    • RESPECT – defined as an unconditional acceptance, the exhibition of a non-judgmental attitude, the promotion of cultural diversity and the allowance of individuals to be “who they are.”
    • CARING – defined at SBR as listening, assisting rather than directing, providing prompt follow-through and providing both physical and emotional support.
    • KNOWLEDGE – defined as offering engaging personnel who know the system, have experience in service delivery, are resourceful (with accurate information) and possess advanced clinical skills (especially in the area of behavioral consultation).

What Makes SBR the Right Choice?



Over time, SBR has expanded its service structure as a response to the growing need for individualized supports that could be offered in the homes of individuals with Intellectual or Developmental disAbilities, as well as, Community Residential Programs. We have a strong commitment to Home and Community Based services that represent the least restrictive environment while supporting individuals using an array of Positive Supports and creative ideas addressing the overall well-being desired by all of us. SBR continues in this endeavor to provide quality services to all individuals regardless of their residential status or disAbility. As a member of the local and state provider community, SBR welcomes the opportunity to expand its range of its services and its organizational capacity to affect larger system changes.

As an integral aspect to the Mission of SBR, we encourage a process that underlines “choice” to individuals and families in identifying the services they need, participating in the employment process, and encouraging, when possible, the incorporation of staff who are known to them (family members, friends, former staff, etc.) to serve as compensated support staff. Additionally, SBR has recruited well trained Direct Support Professionals and Clinical Professionals through our formal and informal networks of people.

The core values that guide SBR include but are not limited to the following:

◦Willingness to hire “para-professionals” (e.g. family and friends) as expressed in the desire of the individuals and their families in which this is an appropriate action.
◦Respectful of family choices/wishes.
◦Live the motto in service delivery with 90% heart/10% experience.
◦Flexibility not only in “who” provides the services but in the “how” services are delivered.
◦Offering individualized services as creatively as needed


SBR administrative and operational direction is managed by Francesco (Frank) J. Tieri, M.Ed. who functions as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director and by Linda B. Tieri who functions as SBR President and Chief Operating Officer. Since SBR’s inception in 1994, they have worked together as a team to provide the quality of experienced service that is a cornerstone of our Mission.

Mr. Tieri brings over 37 years of supporting individuals with Intellectual and Developmental DisAbilities, as well as, individuals who function within the Autism Spectrum. His vast array of clinical and administrative experience in Direct Care, Behavior Support, Community Habilitation, Residential and Vocational settings helps to set the tone for both current and future Staff. Mrs. Tieri also brings many years of her organizational and office management experience to the forefront of supporting all aspects of the functional and fiscal needs of the organization. Their combined years of experience in working, and listening, to Families within these endeavors has shaped every aspect of the philosophy, direction, respect, and commitment to providing services in a positive and proactive manner.

Initially created to provide professional/clinical Behavior Support, SBR expanded dramatically from 2002 to the present time to include Home and Community Services that were consistent with the Person/Family Direct Support Waiver (PFDSW) and Consolidated Waiver as supported by the state of Pennsylvania. Residential Services were added in 2011 as a relatively small program with potential for regular growth as the needs present themselves. SBR has also made a significant commitment to Staff Training at all levels specific to State requirements and specific to the growing needs of the individuals we support, and to the continued professional development of our Staff.

SBR maintains an Executive Management team which includes a Human Resources Director, Family Services Director, Clinical Director, and Residential Director. An Advisory Board meets at regular intervals with the primary focus on Quality issues while establishing a good business model that assures that SBR stays focused on our Mission and Vision for years to come.


SBR primarily provides services and supports to individuals referred through Support Coordination Organizations (SCO) as directed by the PA Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) and funded through one of the Medicaid Waivers. SBR is contracted as a PA Provider under the Medicaid Waiver guidelines. Private Pay options are available as well. SBR provides services to individuals living at home or in residential settings and reside in the counties of Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties.

SBR currently supports individuals (mostly adults) with special needs that include Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and individuals who are within the Autism Spectrum. These individuals may represent a myriad of support needs which SBR attempts to address appropriately by utilizing trained direct staff professionals (DSP), identified family or friends chosen by the individual or their family who qualify as an employee and commit to appropriate training, and professional clinically trained Behavior Support Specialists.

SBR is committed in their support of individuals who may present challenging behavior, sensory needs, communication issues, or a Dual Diagnosis (Intellectual Disability and Behavioral Health diagnosis). There is some bi-lingual (Spanish) staff and professionals available as needed.

In the future, SBR also hopes to expand its support systems and professional network to other needs areas such as enhanced educational supports, counseling, and other state wide Waiver programs (e.g. Aging, Autism Spectrum, etc.).

SBR relies on the knowledge and relationship based philosophy that we believe can best support the needs of the individual, their families, and other support professionals. SBR has maintained a reputation in the community as an organization that honors the choice of individuals and families, especially in relation to who delivers services and supports. Families are encouraged to participate as early as the hiring process as a partner in the provision of Home and Community Based Services. A key component in the role of the Family Services Department is personal engagement with individuals, their families, and direct support staff. It is with this relationship that we hope to utilize feedback as the best indicator of quality services.  



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